Subscription Agreement Terms

USA Doctor Network is proud to offer subscription services to all. You can for just $39.99 a month have unlimited access to all of our services 24/7 a day.

Below are the general terms of our Subscription services.

1) USA Doctor Network is not in the business to sell any kind of medicine and nothing within this document or this website is to be defined as USA Doctor Network selling any kind of medicine.
2) USA Doctor Network provides clinician consults directly to patients.
3) Clinician consults are usually but not always asynchronous in nature.
     a. Asynchronous consults do not require the clinician to speak with or have a video consult.
     b. Synchronous consults do require a telephone or video consult.
4) USA Doctor Network subscription service is an annual service that renews every year on the anniversary date of the original agreement.
5) USA Doctor Network bills this subscription fee monthly at a rate of $39.99 on the 1st of every month.
6) USA Doctor Network does not prorate the first month’s service fees.
7) USA Doctor Network subscription service is per patient and cannot be shared.
8) USA Doctor Network reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time for any reason.
     a. Samples of reasons would be abuse of the unlimited services. While in most cases unlimited holds the meaning of unlimited, USA Doctor Network reserves the right to adjust the number of consults and type of consults on a case-by-case bases.
     b. USA Doctor Network reserves the right to cancel based on non-payment.
9) USA Doctor Network subscription is based on patient agreeing to a 12 month term and USA Doctor Network reserves the right upon cancelation to turn the balance due over to a collection agency.
10) USA Doctor Network subscription agreements are good for any consult we have on our website or available to any USA Doctor Network’s patients.

To sign up please click on this link and provide your contact info. Someone will reach back out to you shortly. (Click here to start).